All Strung Out

Publication 2021

Frankly, the concepts of soulmates and fate are exhausting. Fate almost directly contradicts hard work and determination, while the idea of a soulmate can make us question every relationship we enter. All Strung Out is a zine contemplating the myths and theories relating to the concepts.

Zine Structure

The reader will be walked through two theories surrounding the concepts of fate and soulmates, each briefly introduced and further appreciated through the use of illustration, typography, photography, and collage. The zine will be concluded with my own personal perspective, and in hopes of encouraging readers to reflect as well.

Includes quotes from "You Only Fall in Love Three Times," by Kate Rose, the Chinese myth of the Red Thread of Fate, and lines from the poem, "When Love Arrives," by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye.

The reader is greeted by an anecdote about  the importance of power to mankind. This is directly contrasted on the next page with a full bleed definition of "fate," a concept which withholds power entirely from the hands of man.

This is followed by the first theory, the myth of The Red Thread of Fate.
The motif of the red thread is repeated throughout the zine in instances to come.

The reader is then met with a full bleed definition of the word "soulmates" before transitioning into the next theory.

The reader will then further explore the three types of love in Kate Rose's theory, accompanied by excerpts from
her novel.

Following the last theory, this page is included as a time of self reflection for the reader. Encouraging them to pause and look at how their own relationships are affecting them.

This spread includes my own  reflection on these topics. I consider the benefits and downsides to believing in these ideas, as well as why we don't need to accept ideas as true simply because we are told they are.